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Deli Day 2015



As Deli Day Chair for 2014, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Jean Kent, all the members of JLAS and all the men of Temple Israel. Through all of our LIMITLESS, joint efforts, Deli Day, 2014 was again, another success. The Temple Social Hall and the Temple grounds were full of happiness and friendship. We sold over 2,400 lunches; the desserts were magnificent and we had more than ever before; we had close to 200 walk-ins; 40 deliveries (a record) and many large pick-ups. We are grateful for all the excellent publicity we had at the radio/ T.V. stations, and some in the newspaper. 


We are very proud of the fact that we had volunteers from the beginning of setting up bags on Sunday, through the week, and on Deli Day, as well as those that do not belong to J.L.A.S. or the Temple. Again, a very special thank you to Doug McCloud for helping us for the 5th year. 


All the committee chairs, (please note page10 in J.L.A.S. Yearbook and Jay Blum as floor manager) always do their jobs so well. I can take all their responsibilities off my “worry about” list. My sincere gratitude and pleasure for working with each of you. 


Once again, the Temple Israel Religious School young people worked so hard that all 2,500 lunch bags were filled with all the non-perishables on Sunday. I had such a warm feeling when I observed that we have watched so many of the teenagers who were helping, grow up in front of our “Deli Day eyes.” Thank you to everyone, the students, teachers, and especially Ronnet Rice for all the help. 


Debbie Anderson always goes beyond the call of duty for Deli Day! This year she was even at Deli Day at 6:00 a.m. to make sandwiches. 


A heartfelt thank-you to you, Debbie! Charles Bowman, thank you and your team of Teresa, Arizona and Linda for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you! A special thanks to Gene Napier. 


Rabbi Schwartz has always been so supportive of and hard working on Deli Day. How many sisterhoods can brag that their Rabbi baked many cakes and her husband baked cookies to sale at Deli Day? Thank you. 


Before we open the doors to the public on Deli Day, I have always called everyone together to say thank you again for all the hard work everyone has contributed and then we give a cheer and open the doors. This year Rabbi Schwartz led us in a blessing and said (paraphrasing) that what we all had done up to that moment was the most important part to Deli Day and what was to come was like the icing. As I have thought about this statement I really have gotten chills and tears of joy. Deli Day could not happen if it were not for all the members of J.L.A.S. and the men of Temple Israel. It is a day that certainly embraces all the members of J.L.A.S. and the men of the Temple as a family working together, as well as embracing the Columbus Community. WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING! We all have to be proud!! 


Thank you again to each and every one that has helped Deli Day grow and be so successful. 


With much gratitude and love,