Survey Results

The Board of Trustees of Temple Israel thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  Below you will find the results.  All names from the comments have been removed to protect the anonymity of the respondent.  

If you have any other suggestion, please indicate below:

I prefer the 6:30 since during the fall and winter seasons, it follows the more traditional lighting of the candles.


Thank you!


6:30 allows people to make dinner plans after services. 7:30 requires a rushed dinner.


XXXX figured out how to get the 3 questions and I answered on another sheet also


I prefer having summer services at 6 pm so families can eat together afterwards at a decent hour (and while daylight still)


Let's split the difference and start at 7pm year round.


My attendance would stay the same.


Keep the service time at 6:30 most of the year but change it to 7:30 from Memorial Day to Labor Day. A 6:30 start time isn't conducive for an evening service with extended daylight and hot temperatures during the summer. This also would partly appease the folks who complain the leadership won't listen to their request to have a 7:30 service. But the main challenge for our leadership is not about the when but the what -- to make the services more compelling. A core group, including me, will attend regardless of the time. The vast majority of members won't attend regardless of the time. This brouhaha is over a small but vocal part of our membership. We should spend less time talking about the time of the service and more time talking about the content of the service. Nonetheless, thanks for sending this survey. It helps show the membership that the leadership is trying to represent the congregation well. After this issue is settled, the leadership would represent the congregation even better if it commits to asking members how we could make the services more engaging.


Thank you so much for taking the time to ask :)


6:30pm start time interferes with dinner. A 7pm start time would be better.


Would prefer that start times more closely follow the correct Shabbat candle lighting times by having service start at 6:30pm October through March and start at 7:30pm April through September.


Due to special situation in our family we are not able lately come very often to Temple Friday services. We helping our daughter with her sick son. I do not see right now a big difference in time of Friday service for us. Sincerely XXXX


Thank you for asking!


Maybe you should consider having the Chicago Sinai meeting at 7:30 as that seems to bring in people that don't usually come at 7:30.


XXXX could not get the 3 questions on her computer-- probably due to her lack of how to completely use the computer but as I have made my feelings known, I prefer the later time so I can have a traditional dinner for Shabbat at home, then come to services and enjoy visiting with friends at the Oneg Shabbat afterwards. Hope this answers the questions. Sincerely, XXXX


XXXX likes a 6 pm service during the summer. Friends can eat afterward at a decent hour.


Keep the service time at 6:30 p.m. for most of the year, but move it to 7:30 p.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when the hot temperature and extended daylight isn't conducive for an early evening service. This also should partly appease the folks who complain about the 6:30 time. But the main challenge for our leadership isn't to find a time that pleases the congregation; it's to make the services compelling enough to attract a larger crowd. You'll get me and a core of others to come regardless, but what we offer -- not when we offer it -- should be our most important concern. Nonetheless, thanks for sending the survey. It's another way the leadership shows it is trying to do what's best for the membership.


I personally like the earlier time because I like to get in bed earlier. It does pose a problem with having time to get a meal before hand when you work until 5:30, but I try to compensate for that by taking off early. I use to come almost every Friday night, I wish I still could come at least every other but that gets hard to do with work and kids, etc....


Keep it at 6:30


The sound system needs checking. Could not hear anything Rabbi said , sitting in back row at Arno funeral. Never can hear speakers from Lectern

The 6:30 starting time is too early. It is almost impossible to leave work, get home, cook (or eat out for) dinner, and make it to 6:30 services. The later time makes all those things much more possible. Eating after services is really too late.


I prefer 7:30 start time.. I am a working stiff and 6:30 is often difficult for me.. In all events, I will come on Friday evenings only when the Sinai Union Prayer Book is used. Whether or not not it is used, there is way too much ritual for me and there is no reason for the Friday evening service to last for 90 minutes -- which it inevitably does. A tired working stiff needs to get home where we always kindle the Sabbath Lights for ourselves and have a kiddush. The Fri. evening services at T.I.with the candle kindling discourage kindling the Sabbath lights at home.. Temple for me is a Sat. morning event --Torah discussion. and discourse/argument. A one hour deal.. XXXX


I actually prefer the 7:30 time, but I will continue my 65-year history of weekly attendance. Thank you for your attention to members' needs.


There are several Temple members without internet---they should be called for this survey.


This is the vote from XXXX, who is not on the Internet and is voting as indicated above.